Fried Buns / Cream Buns Fried Buns / Cream Buns Reviewed by Unknown on 02:53 Rating: 5

Carrot Chutney

Carrot chutney is one of the easiest side dish for rice and dosa. Try it out and leave your valuable Feedback's here. Here is the vi...Read More
Carrot Chutney Carrot Chutney Reviewed by Unknown on 05:46 Rating: 5

Aval Payasam

Aval/poha is flattened rice flakes. We can make savory and sweet dishes using poha. They easily get cooked and tastes good. Aval upma, a...Read More
Aval Payasam Aval Payasam Reviewed by Unknown on 07:43 Rating: 5
Quick Prawns Majboos Quick Prawns Majboos Reviewed by Unknown on 21:13 Rating: 5
Eggless Milk powder Gulab Jamun Eggless Milk powder Gulab Jamun Reviewed by Unknown on 18:05 Rating: 5
Easy Vegetable Sandwich Easy Vegetable Sandwich Reviewed by Unknown on 22:03 Rating: 5
Kerala Style Spicy Chicken Roast Kerala Style Spicy Chicken Roast Reviewed by Unknown on 22:09 Rating: 5
Carrot Pola / Carrot Kums Carrot Pola / Carrot Kums Reviewed by Unknown on 21:17 Rating: 5
Chickpea Salad / Chana Chaat Recipe Chickpea Salad / Chana Chaat Recipe Reviewed by Unknown on 10:00 Rating: 5
Watermelon Basil Seeds Drink Watermelon Basil Seeds Drink Reviewed by Unknown on 01:36 Rating: 5
Crunchy Mango Delight Crunchy Mango Delight Reviewed by Unknown on 23:36 Rating: 5

Onion Pakoda Balls

 Onion pakoda balls are an easy and crunchy super snack. You can omit the egg used here; instead add more water. Try this super easy snac...Read More
Onion Pakoda Balls Onion Pakoda Balls Reviewed by Unknown on 22:38 Rating: 5
Crispy Fried Pineapple Crispy Fried Pineapple Reviewed by Unknown on 02:03 Rating: 5

Mango Frooti

Mango frooti is one of the largest-selling mango flavored drink in India. It's available in everywhere in the market. We can easily ...Read More
Mango Frooti Mango Frooti Reviewed by Unknown on 07:09 Rating: 5
Banana Cake / Malabar Kai Pola Recipe Banana Cake / Malabar Kai Pola Recipe Reviewed by 12recipebook on 14:20 Rating: 5
Mambazha Pulissery / Ripe Mango Curry Mambazha Pulissery / Ripe Mango Curry Reviewed by Unknown on 09:54 Rating: 5

Peshawari Chicken

Peshawari chicken is an easy and flavorful chicken recipe. The gravy not requires much more ingredients but tastes so good. Try this simp...Read More
Peshawari Chicken Peshawari Chicken Reviewed by Unknown on 22:00 Rating: 5

Jeera Rice

Check out the video of making jeera rice to ease your cooking...Also please don;t forget to subscribe my You Tube channel: 12recipebook...Read More
Jeera Rice Jeera Rice Reviewed by Unknown on 07:35 Rating: 5
Amruthampodi Pancake Amruthampodi Pancake Reviewed by Unknown on 18:19 Rating: 5
Creamy Prawn Pasta Creamy Prawn Pasta Reviewed by Unknown on 22:01 Rating: 5
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