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Sharkara Varatti

Sharkara Varatti is a crispy jaggery coated raw banana chips. It is a must  served snack on the Onam sadhya menu. You can make them b...Read More
Sharkara Varatti Sharkara Varatti Reviewed by fejnaem on 21:44 Rating: 5
Besan-Coconut Laddoo Besan-Coconut Laddoo Reviewed by fejnaem on 21:50 Rating: 5
1 Minute Microwave Brownie 1 Minute Microwave Brownie Reviewed by 12recipebook on 21:24 Rating: 5

Ash Gourd Halwa

Ash gourd (dum root) halwa is delicious sweet treat which can be prepared within few minutes. It can be serve hot, warm or even chilled...Read More
Ash Gourd Halwa Ash Gourd Halwa Reviewed by fejnaem on 01:59 Rating: 5
Almond and Dates Burfi Almond and Dates Burfi Reviewed by fejnaem on 21:07 Rating: 5

Mango Sheera

Mango sheera is a delicious dessert using ripe mango pulp and semolina. Ty this quick and easy halwa at home with simple ingredients. Read More
Mango Sheera Mango Sheera Reviewed by fejnaem on 23:14 Rating: 5
Wheat Flour Laddoo Wheat Flour Laddoo Reviewed by fejnaem on 22:59 Rating: 5
Jackfruit Halwa with Coconut Milk Jackfruit Halwa with Coconut Milk Reviewed by fejnaem on 22:57 Rating: 5

Paneer Kheer

Paneer kheer / payasam is a delightful sweet dessert recipe suitable for enjoying  any pleasure moments!!... Check here for making homem...Read More
Paneer Kheer Paneer Kheer Reviewed by fejnaem on 23:39 Rating: 5

Chana Dal Halwa

 Chana dal halwa is one of the popular South Indian traditional sweet recipe made on special occasions like festivals, marriage, etc. Th...Read More
Chana Dal Halwa Chana Dal Halwa Reviewed by fejnaem on 22:02 Rating: 5
Broken Wheat Halwa Broken Wheat Halwa Reviewed by fejnaem on 01:59 Rating: 5
Easy Milk Powder Burfi Easy Milk Powder Burfi Reviewed by fejnaem on 20:22 Rating: 5
Easy Brownie On Stovetop Easy Brownie On Stovetop Reviewed by fejnaem on 20:52 Rating: 5
Chocolate Doughnuts Chocolate Doughnuts Reviewed by fejnaem on 21:34 Rating: 5
Rasmalai with Milk Powder Rasmalai with Milk Powder Reviewed by fejnaem on 01:10 Rating: 5

Amla Candy

The healthy and delicious way of preserving amla is making candy out of it. You can make it sweet or sour. Now a days; it has great de...Read More
Amla Candy Amla Candy Reviewed by fejnaem on 19:38 Rating: 5
Homemade Tutti Frutti Homemade Tutti Frutti Reviewed by fejnaem on 23:16 Rating: 5
Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun Sweet Potato Gulab Jamun Reviewed by fejnaem on 20:39 Rating: 5

Chocolate Pancake

Here comes a delicious breakfast for the chocolate lovers. These fluffy chocolate pancakes are made within minutes and serve hot for grea...Read More
Chocolate Pancake Chocolate Pancake Reviewed by fejnaem on 21:08 Rating: 5
Semolina Coconut Ladoo Semolina Coconut Ladoo Reviewed by fejnaem on 01:50 Rating: 5
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