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Sweet Sandwich Sweet Sandwich Reviewed by Unknown on 21:13 Rating: 5
Coconut Burfi Coconut Burfi Reviewed by Unknown on 20:30 Rating: 5
Carrot and Almond Laddu Carrot and Almond Laddu Reviewed by Unknown on 22:52 Rating: 5


Masoob (Malikia) is  a popular Arabic dish consumed as a breakfast or even as a snack. It is one of the popular suhoor recipe also. It&#...Read More
Masoob Masoob Reviewed by Unknown on 19:16 Rating: 5
Watermelon Ice Popsicles Watermelon Ice Popsicles Reviewed by Unknown on 21:38 Rating: 5

Jackfruit Halwa

 It's summer; the season for all lovely fruits to ripe..Here is the recipe of jackfruit halwa (chakka varattiyathu)which is  a nostal...Read More
Jackfruit Halwa Jackfruit Halwa Reviewed by Unknown on 23:00 Rating: 5
Chocolate Cups with Mousse Filling Chocolate Cups with Mousse Filling Reviewed by Unknown on 22:21 Rating: 5
Thumbprint Cookies / Almond Wheat Flour Jam Cookies Thumbprint Cookies / Almond Wheat Flour Jam Cookies Reviewed by Unknown on 04:02 Rating: 5

Phirni Falooda

 There are so many different versions of falooda like Rosefalooda ; Mixed Falooda , Mango Falooda, etc. But here is another simple yet aw...Read More
Phirni Falooda Phirni Falooda Reviewed by Unknown on 03:57 Rating: 5

Nan Khatai

Nan Khatai is an authentic Indian sweet egg less cookie that can be easily prepared at home. These soft delicious cookies just melt in y...Read More
Nan Khatai Nan Khatai Reviewed by Unknown on 20:35 Rating: 5
Melting Moments Cookies Melting Moments Cookies Reviewed by Unknown on 20:31 Rating: 5

Baklava Cups

Phyllo cups are simple easy to make and are the perfect vessel for both savory and sweet filling. Here I made it with the remaining bakl...Read More
Baklava Cups Baklava Cups Reviewed by Unknown on 04:53 Rating: 5

Walnut Burfi

 Walnut cookie bars are healthy and crunchy with the goodness of rich butter. These energy bars are incredibly easy to make  and absolut...Read More
Walnut Burfi Walnut Burfi Reviewed by Unknown on 22:15 Rating: 5

Custard Cookies

Custard cookies are delicious Indian cookie bite that just melts in your mouth. It is simple easy to make at home within few minutes. Yo...Read More
Custard Cookies Custard Cookies Reviewed by Unknown on 21:01 Rating: 5

Mawa Peda

Milk peda is a very famous Indian sweet especially made in the occasions of Diwali. Its quick easy to make and a wonderful treat for all th...Read More
Mawa Peda Mawa Peda Reviewed by Unknown on 19:25 Rating: 5

Bread Gulab Jamun

 Gulab jamun is one of the most popular sweet , that we prepare for most of the special occasions. Bread gulab jamun is an instant and ...Read More
Bread Gulab Jamun Bread Gulab Jamun Reviewed by Unknown on 19:27 Rating: 5
Sweet Chatti Pathiri Sweet Chatti Pathiri Reviewed by Unknown on 10:24 Rating: 5

Cake Balls

 Cake balls are bite sized balls made of crumbled cake pieces mixed with frosting and covered in candy coating. these are super easy to m...Read More
Cake Balls Cake Balls Reviewed by Unknown on 23:29 Rating: 5


Baklava Is a rich, sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and held together with sugar syrup or honey. It is a M...Read More
Baklava Baklava Reviewed by Unknown on 22:43 Rating: 5
Chocolate Coconut Burfi Chocolate Coconut Burfi Reviewed by Unknown on 03:35 Rating: 5
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