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Falooda Milkshake

Falooda is popular Indian dessert with the combination of fruits, milk, jelly and ice cream. Here is a quick version of falooda milkshake...Read More
Falooda Milkshake Falooda Milkshake Reviewed by fejnaem on 20:01 Rating: 5
Crispy Thread Chicken Crispy Thread Chicken Reviewed by fejnaem on 20:11 Rating: 5

Fish Cutlet

Cutlet is an easy and tasty tea time snack that a patty is covered with bread crumbs and fried it in the oil. We can make it using veg...Read More
Fish Cutlet Fish Cutlet Reviewed by fejnaem on 19:38 Rating: 5
Chilly Leaves Bajji Chilly Leaves Bajji Reviewed by fejnaem on 19:18 Rating: 5
Jeeraka Kanji / Ramadan Special Rice Porridge Jeeraka Kanji / Ramadan Special Rice Porridge Reviewed by fejnaem on 20:03 Rating: 5

Aloo Samosa

 Aloo (potato) samosa is a popular snack in North India. It's a great idea for party finger snack or for ifthar. The spicy and delici...Read More
Aloo Samosa Aloo Samosa Reviewed by fejnaem on 20:02 Rating: 5

Dates Milkshake

Dates milkshake is a rich nourishing drink packed with nutrients. Its a perfect drink for ifthar to regain the energy level and stay us ...Read More
Dates Milkshake Dates Milkshake Reviewed by fejnaem on 01:42 Rating: 5
Shahi Fruits Salad Shahi Fruits Salad Reviewed by fejnaem on 20:17 Rating: 5
Pomegranate Cooler Pomegranate Cooler Reviewed by fejnaem on 02:24 Rating: 5
Boiled Egg Sandwich Boiled Egg Sandwich Reviewed by fejnaem on 23:15 Rating: 5

Rose Milk

Rose milk is a lovely drink to beat the heat of hot summer. Also it is a great party drink idea. Try this simple an quick rose milk recip...Read More
Rose Milk Rose Milk Reviewed by fejnaem on 22:56 Rating: 5

Banana Rolls

 Banana rolls are an easy and quick snack idea. Especially kids love to eat this; even they are not banana lovers. Kerala large banana is...Read More
Banana Rolls Banana Rolls Reviewed by fejnaem on 22:34 Rating: 5

Beetroot Cutlet

Beetroot cutlet is delicious colorful vegetarian  snack, which is a perfect bite for the ifthar. Try this quick snack for your, ifthar,...Read More
Beetroot Cutlet Beetroot Cutlet Reviewed by fejnaem on 20:40 Rating: 5


Lab-e-Shireen is a rich, creamy custard and classical Arabic dessert. Choose any tropical fruits to make this. Try this divine dessert ...Read More
Lab-e-Shireen Lab-e-Shireen Reviewed by fejnaem on 00:40 Rating: 5
Dragon Fruit Smoothie and Salad Dragon Fruit Smoothie and Salad Reviewed by fejnaem on 05:25 Rating: 5
Chicken Croquettes Chicken Croquettes Reviewed by fejnaem on 17:48 Rating: 5
Mango Oreo Smoothie Mango Oreo Smoothie Reviewed by fejnaem on 02:57 Rating: 5
Kozhi Pidi / Chicken Stuffed Rice Dumplings Kozhi Pidi / Chicken  Stuffed Rice Dumplings Reviewed by fejnaem on 19:46 Rating: 5
Chicken Spring Roll Chicken Spring Roll Reviewed by fejnaem on 16:54 Rating: 5

Sunshine Juice

Sunshine fruit juice is a lovely refreshing blend of mango, papaya, orange and pineapple..The fresh mixed cocktail juice will surely gi...Read More
Sunshine Juice Sunshine Juice Reviewed by fejnaem on 23:48 Rating: 5
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