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Sausage Pakora / Crispy Sausage Fry Sausage Pakora / Crispy Sausage Fry Reviewed by 12recipebook on 22:22 Rating: 5
Stuffed Banana Crepes / Healthy Sweet Chattipathiri Stuffed Banana Crepes / Healthy Sweet Chattipathiri Reviewed by 12recipebook on 22:50 Rating: 5
Easiest Meat Chops Easiest Meat Chops Reviewed by 12recipebook on 21:34 Rating: 5
Vermicelli (Semiiya) Pola Vermicelli (Semiiya) Pola Reviewed by 12recipebook on 23:56 Rating: 5
Chinese Pakoda Chinese Pakoda Reviewed by 12recipebook on 02:12 Rating: 5
Sweet Pasta Salad Sweet Pasta Salad Reviewed by 12recipebook on 23:06 Rating: 5
Dal Bhaji / Parippu Bhaji Dal Bhaji / Parippu Bhaji Reviewed by 12recipebook on 22:59 Rating: 5
Vermicelli Kunafa Vermicelli Kunafa Reviewed by 12recipebook on 21:22 Rating: 5
Easy Vegetable Sandwich Easy Vegetable Sandwich Reviewed by Unknown on 22:03 Rating: 5
Carrot Pola / Carrot Kums Carrot Pola / Carrot Kums Reviewed by Unknown on 21:17 Rating: 5

Onion Pakoda Balls

 Onion pakoda balls are an easy and crunchy super snack. You can omit the egg used here; instead add more water. Try this super easy snac...Read More
Onion Pakoda Balls Onion Pakoda Balls Reviewed by Unknown on 22:38 Rating: 5
Crispy Fried Pineapple Crispy Fried Pineapple Reviewed by Unknown on 02:03 Rating: 5
Banana Cake / Malabar Kai Pola Recipe Banana Cake / Malabar Kai Pola Recipe Reviewed by 12recipebook on 14:20 Rating: 5
Vettu Cake / Tea Time Snack Vettu Cake / Tea Time Snack Reviewed by Unknown on 19:46 Rating: 5
kinnathappam / steamed rice cake kinnathappam / steamed rice cake Reviewed by Unknown on 10:00 Rating: 5
Meethi Seviyan / Sweet Vermicelli Meethi Seviyan / Sweet Vermicelli Reviewed by Unknown on 22:25 Rating: 5

Matar Kachori

Kachori is a spicy North Indian deep fried flattened ball snack. It has a flaky crisp outside and savory filling inside. Rarely sweet fi...Read More
Matar Kachori Matar Kachori Reviewed by Unknown on 19:26 Rating: 5

Beet Hummus

Hummus is one of the most popular and healthy dip out there now. There are lot of flavors and brands are available now. Beet hummus is ...Read More
Beet Hummus Beet Hummus Reviewed by Unknown on 23:33 Rating: 5
Stuffed Chilly Pakora Stuffed Chilly Pakora Reviewed by Unknown on 21:16 Rating: 5
Onion Pakoda / Ulli Vada Onion Pakoda / Ulli Vada Reviewed by Unknown on 10:46 Rating: 5
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