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Aloo Stuffed Bread Pakoda Aloo Stuffed Bread Pakoda Reviewed by Unknown on 20:27 Rating: 5
Potato Cheese Balls Potato Cheese Balls Reviewed by Unknown on 22:37 Rating: 5
Tomato Vermicelli Upma Tomato Vermicelli Upma Reviewed by Unknown on 20:46 Rating: 5
Savory Bread Toast Savory Bread Toast Reviewed by Unknown on 09:50 Rating: 5

Dahi Poori Chaat

 Dahi poori chaat is a popular North Indian Street Food. The crispy tiny poori is loaded with a bunch of yumminess inside. It is hard ...Read More
Dahi Poori Chaat Dahi Poori Chaat Reviewed by Unknown on 20:48 Rating: 5

Sooji Vada

'Vada' is a dough nut shaped popular crispy South Indian savory snack. Sooji vada is an easy and quick tea time crispy snack idea...Read More
Sooji Vada Sooji Vada Reviewed by Unknown on 19:51 Rating: 5
Caramel Apple and Banana Bread Roll Ups Caramel Apple and Banana Bread Roll Ups Reviewed by Unknown on 21:59 Rating: 5
Idli Batter Pakoda Idli Batter Pakoda Reviewed by Unknown on 02:43 Rating: 5

Boondi Ladoo

Boondi laddu is a delicious Indian sweet made for all special occasions. It needs only few time and ingredients to make. You can ...Read More
Boondi Ladoo Boondi Ladoo  Reviewed by Unknown on 10:00 Rating: 5
Poha Chivda / Spicy Avil Mixture Poha Chivda / Spicy Avil Mixture Reviewed by Unknown on 07:34 Rating: 5
Chilli Cheese Toast Chilli Cheese Toast Reviewed by Unknown on 21:21 Rating: 5
Savory Diamond Cuts Savory Diamond Cuts Reviewed by Unknown on 07:14 Rating: 5

Ghee Biscuits

Ghee Biscuits are classic Indian melt in mouth cookies. The recipe almost similar to Nan Khatai but with slight change. The different ...Read More
Ghee Biscuits Ghee Biscuits Reviewed by Unknown on 06:12 Rating: 5

Oats Ladoo

Sometimes we ignore the sweet cravings for being unhealthy. Oats comes under the category of healthy diet food; So whatever made with...Read More
Oats Ladoo Oats Ladoo Reviewed by Unknown on 23:07 Rating: 5

Coconut Macaroons

  Coconut macaroons are simply pretty and chewy cookie made with only three ingredients. They are crispy outside and soft inside. I already ...Read More
Coconut Macaroons Coconut Macaroons Reviewed by Unknown on 21:39 Rating: 5
Coconut Ice Snow Balls Coconut Ice Snow Balls Reviewed by Unknown on 21:37 Rating: 5

Noodle Parotta

Parotta is a layered South Indian flat bread made with flour. Do check out how to prepare homemade parotta: Parotta.  Noodle parotta is a ...Read More
Noodle Parotta Noodle Parotta Reviewed by Unknown on 21:24 Rating: 5
Snake Gourd Pakoda Snake Gourd Pakoda Reviewed by 12recipebook on 05:17 Rating: 5

Banana Delight

  Banana delight is an easy, healthy and delicious stir fried snack using Kerala Large Banana. Make it more rich with the addition of mor...Read More
Banana Delight Banana Delight Reviewed by Unknown on 08:01 Rating: 5
Sweet Rice Balls / Ariyunda Sweet Rice Balls / Ariyunda Reviewed by Unknown on 20:27 Rating: 5
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