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Rose Milk Popsicle Rose Milk Popsicle Reviewed by Unknown on 23:43 Rating: 5
Condensed Milk Flan Condensed Milk Flan Reviewed by Unknown on 22:16 Rating: 5

Watermelon Sorbet

Watermelon sorbet  is a lovely frozen dessert and a perfect way to keep your leftover watermelon. You can make them sorbets and scoop...Read More
Watermelon Sorbet Watermelon Sorbet Reviewed by Unknown on 07:24 Rating: 5

Paal Paniyaram

Paal paniyaram is a traditional Chettinad cuisine. It is served on most of their special occasions or in side with dinner. The fried dump...Read More
Paal Paniyaram Paal Paniyaram Reviewed by Unknown on 21:38 Rating: 5

Boondi Ladoo

Boondi laddu is a delicious Indian sweet made for all special occasions. It needs only few time and ingredients to make. You can ...Read More
Boondi Ladoo Boondi Ladoo  Reviewed by Unknown on 10:00 Rating: 5
Coconut Ice Snow Balls Coconut Ice Snow Balls Reviewed by Unknown on 21:37 Rating: 5
Custard Cake Pudding Custard Cake Pudding Reviewed by Unknown on 21:49 Rating: 5
Beetroot Halwa Beetroot Halwa Reviewed by 12recipebook on 22:43 Rating: 5

Palada Payasam

Palada payasam is a rich dessert (kheer) made with rice ada. It is one of the popular Kerala Onam Sadya Dessert. You can make them eas...Read More
Palada Payasam Palada Payasam Reviewed by Unknown on 05:09 Rating: 5
Pineapple Ice Cream Pineapple Ice Cream Reviewed by 12recipebook on 21:42 Rating: 5
Parippu Payasam / Moong Dal Kheer Parippu Payasam / Moong Dal Kheer Reviewed by Unknown on 21:51 Rating: 5
Passion Fruit Cheesecake Shots Passion Fruit Cheesecake Shots Reviewed by Unknown on 21:36 Rating: 5
Buko Salad / Tender Coconut Salad Buko Salad / Tender Coconut Salad Reviewed by Unknown on 20:53 Rating: 5
Eggless Oats-Wheat Flour Brownie Eggless Oats-Wheat Flour Brownie Reviewed by 12recipebook on 01:01 Rating: 5
Pistachio Falooda Milkshake Pistachio Falooda Milkshake Reviewed by Unknown on 22:19 Rating: 5

Rice Kheer

  Here is a delicious Indian dessert using rice! The rice pudding tastes extremely delicious and quite easy to make. Use fine quality ba...Read More
Rice Kheer Rice Kheer Reviewed by Unknown on 03:13 Rating: 5
1 Minute Microwave Brownie 1 Minute Microwave Brownie Reviewed by 12recipebook on 21:24 Rating: 5
Meethi Seviyan / Sweet Vermicelli Meethi Seviyan / Sweet Vermicelli Reviewed by Unknown on 22:25 Rating: 5

Pasta Kheer

Pasta /macaroni  is normally used for making savory dishes. Here is an Indian version of delicious pasta kheer (payasam) recipe. It is...Read More
Pasta Kheer Pasta Kheer Reviewed by Unknown on 21:27 Rating: 5

Bread Kunafa

Kunafa is a traditional Arabic dessert using kunafa dough and cream cheese. Those who tasted it once can't forget the melt in mouth...Read More
Bread Kunafa Bread Kunafa Reviewed by Unknown on 20:05 Rating: 5
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