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Noodle Parotta

Parotta is a layered South Indian flat bread made with flour. Do check out how to prepare homemade parotta: Parotta.  Noodle parotta is a ...Read More
Noodle Parotta Noodle Parotta Reviewed by fejnaem on 21:24 Rating: 5
Healthy Rice Porridge For Kids Healthy Rice Porridge For Kids Reviewed by fejnaem on 08:03 Rating: 5
Malabar Nice Pathiri Malabar Nice Pathiri Reviewed by fejnaem on 20:45 Rating: 5

Chilly Idli

Chilly idli is an amazing combo of south Indian healthy breakfast idli combined with Chinese delicious chilli gravy. It is a useful ...Read More
Chilly Idli Chilly Idli Reviewed by fejnaem on 20:32 Rating: 5

Chicken Burritos

Chicken Burrito is a satisfying meal plan for weekend. Make your favorite filling inside along with delicious seasoning. Here is a simpl...Read More
Chicken Burritos Chicken Burritos Reviewed by fejnaem on 21:24 Rating: 5
Easy Whole Wheat Porotta Easy Whole Wheat Porotta Reviewed by fejnaem on 23:18 Rating: 5
Oats, Nuts & Fruits Parfait Oats, Nuts & Fruits Parfait Reviewed by fejnaem on 23:21 Rating: 5
Vegetable Upma Vegetable Upma Reviewed by 12recipebook on 21:08 Rating: 5
Mango Yogurt Parfait Mango Yogurt Parfait Reviewed by fejnaem on 21:07 Rating: 5

Ila Ada

Ila Ada is a traditional South Indian  (Kerala) delicacy. It is a healthy leaf parcel, having steamed rice flour filled with sweet coco...Read More
Ila Ada Ila Ada Reviewed by fejnaem on 21:20 Rating: 5

Coconut Poha

Coconut poha is a typical North Indian poha recipe using rice fakes and coconut as main ingredients. Try this quick and easy savory poha...Read More
Coconut Poha Coconut Poha Reviewed by fejnaem on 05:29 Rating: 5

Masala Paniyaram

 Paniyaram is  small pan fried balls. Usually it makes with seasoning of idli batter. More other varieties are also included.You can u...Read More
Masala Paniyaram Masala Paniyaram Reviewed by fejnaem on 21:37 Rating: 5
Omelette- Mint Chutney Sandwich Omelette- Mint Chutney Sandwich Reviewed by fejnaem on 22:16 Rating: 5
Penne Pasata in Red Sauce Penne Pasata in Red Sauce Reviewed by fejnaem on 22:01 Rating: 5

Square Paratha

Are you always bored with the normal paratha for dinner ? Try this square paratha having little flakes and loaded with ghee. The prep...Read More
Square Paratha Square Paratha Reviewed by fejnaem on 21:14 Rating: 5
Kaipathiri / Rice Flour Roti Kaipathiri / Rice Flour Roti Reviewed by fejnaem on 22:58 Rating: 5
Whole Wheat Garlic Rolls on stove top Whole Wheat Garlic Rolls on stove top Reviewed by fejnaem on 22:47 Rating: 5

Coconut Poli

Poli is a paratha stuffed with sweetness (rarely savory). It is Made on  the special occasions like Holi. There are variety of stuffi...Read More
Coconut Poli Coconut Poli Reviewed by fejnaem on 22:54 Rating: 5
Garlic Spaghetti Pasta Garlic Spaghetti Pasta Reviewed by fejnaem on 19:27 Rating: 5
Manglore Buns / Banana Poori Manglore Buns / Banana Poori Reviewed by fejnaem on 21:06 Rating: 5
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