Mango Custard Cups

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Mango Custard Cups
 Mango Custard Cups are amazingly delicious dessert treat. A crunchy base filled with mango custard and garnish on top with lots of mango slices.  Try it out and leave your valuable feed backs here.

Mango Custard Cups
Ingredients for making the cups:
  1. Marie biscuit (or digestive biscuit)-10 
  2. Chopped dates-5
  3. Cashew nut-10
  4. Melted butter-2 tbsp
Ingredients for making Mango custard.
  1. Milk- 1/2 cup
  2. Sweetened condensed milk-2 tbsp
  3. Custard powder-2 tbsp (or corn four)
  4. Vanilla essence- 1/2 tsp
  5. Mango puree-3 tbsp
  6. Thinly sliced mangoes-to garnish
  • In a blender add, biscuits, chopped dates, cashew and melted butter.
  • Blend smooth. Then it turn's sticky.
  • Grease two cup shaped molds with oil and fill the blended mix in to  cups.
  • Make it in the shapes of cups by pressing well.
  • Freeze the cups for an hour to set.
  • Heat milk in a pan by adding sweetened condensed milk; stir well to avoid any burn.
  • Mix  custard powder with little chilled milk and make it in a paste form.
  • Add this in to the boiling milk and stir continuously.
  • Add vanilla essence and mango puree.
  • Stir Cook until thickens well.
  • Allow to cools down completely; or chill for few minutes.
  • Remold the cups from molds.
  • Fill inside with prepared custard.
  • Garnish on top with thinly sliced mangoes.
  • Chill until serve.
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