Idli 65

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Idli 65
Idli 65 is a delicious and crispy fried idli bytes. Theses are an awesome idea to use leftover idlis. Try this simple recipe and leave your valuable feed backs here.
  1. Idli-5 numbers
  2. Flour-2 tbsp (maida)
  3. Rice flour-4 tbsp
  4. Ginger garlic paste-1 tsp
  5. Soy sauce-1 tsp
  6. Salt-to taste
  7. Pepper powder-1 tsp
  8. Oil-to fry
  9. Sugar- 1/2 tsp
  10. Thinly chopped ginger-1 tsp
  11. Thinly chopped garlic-1 tsp
  12. Thinly chopped green chilly-2 tbsp
  13. Curry leaves-2 springs
  14. Soy sauce-1 tsp
  15. Tomato ketchup- 3 tbsp
  16. Chilly powder-1 tsp
  17. Salt-little to taste
  18. Chopped coriander leaves-few
  • Cut the idli's in to small pieces (cut one idli to 6 pieces)
  • In a mixing bowl add ingredients fro 2 to 7. Add water and make a thick yet flowing batter.
  • Dip the chopped idlis in the batter and drop in to hot oil one by one.
  • Fry until crisp and drain it from the oil.
  • Heat another pan with a tablespoon of oil. 
  • Add sugar and allow to melt completely.
  • Add chopped ginger, garlic and green chilly.
  • Saute on high flame for a minute.
  • Add curry leaves and whole green chilly; saute another a minute.
  • Add soy sauce, tomato ketchup, salt and chilly powder; mix well.
  • Add little water (about 3 tbsp) and mix well.
  • Add fried idli pieces and coat with the sauce.
  • Turn off heat by sprinkling chopped coriander leaves on top.
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