Cake Pops

Cake pops are crumbled cakes mixed with any frosting; shaped them in to round and them dip them in chocolate to make a candy lollipop..They are wonder kids party poppers.They looked cute and tastes delicious. Try it out whenever you have leftover cake pieces at home.

  1. Cake pieces-1 cup
  2. Whip cream frosting- 1/4 cup (or any other frosting / sweetened condensed milk)
  3. Melted chocolate- 1/4 cup
  4. Chocolate vermicelli-to sprinkle
  5. Lollipop sticks / tooth pick-few
  • In a bowl add cake pieces and crumble it well with hands.
  • Add whip cream frosting and mix well.
  • Now make small equal sized balls with it.
  • Freeze the balls for an hour to get firm.
  • After that take a tooth pick and dip it in melted chocolate about 1/2 inch. (this helps the cake balls to stick on the tooth pick)
  • Now insert the tooth pick on the center of cake ball.
  • Dip the ball completely in melted chocolate and allow to drizzle the excess chocolate for a minute.
  • Add some chocolate sprinkles on top and hod the cake pops up-right position until set (for few seconds or place it inverted on a greasy surface).
  • Make all the pops in this way and assemble them on top of a mug; Serve chilled or fresh...
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