Classic French Omelette

 Classic French Omelette
Making an omelette is simply quick and easy. It may took only one or two minutes for the full procedures. You may thought it's fun to be post a recipe of omelette here. But i promise; after tasting it; you will get the reason itself and wonder how delicious treat it is. the French omelette is a silky smooth exterior with moist, soft and scrambled interior.  It is also simple easy to make but we must learn the technique behind it. Try this absolutely scrumptious French omelette at home and please don't forget to leaves your feedback's here.
     Few things you need to take care while making omelette is that; please don't over cook the omelette; just fold them quickly after setting the bottom part. You must serve hot;  soon after making it for the ultimate taste.
   Adding coriander leaves is purely optional; or you can use any thinly chopped fresh herbs. Instead of water you can also use milk.
Ingredients For Making an Omelette:
  1. Eggs-3 large
  2. Water-1 tbsp
  3. Salt-to taste
  4. Butter soften-1 tbsp + 1 tbsp
  5. Coriander leaves thinly chopped (optional)
  • In a bowl; crack three eggs.
  • Add salt, water, coriander leaves and a tablespoon of butter.
  • Whisk well with a fork.
  • Heat a non-stick pan with a tablespoon of butter.
  • Pour the egg mix and scramble it vigorously with a non-stick spatula for few seconds (about 20 seconds). Make it again in to an omelette shape.
  • When the bottom part just binds together no need to cook more.
  • Carefully start folding the omelette from one side to another.
  • Add in to serving plate and serve soon.
 Classic French Omelette
Checkout the video of making French Omelette to ease your cookingπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡
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