Sooji Vada

rava vada
'Vada' is a dough nut shaped popular crispy South Indian savory snack. Sooji vada is an easy and quick tea time crispy snack idea. It only needs handful of ingredients and can make within minutes. Check out the collection of vada recipes listed in my blog: VADA
  1. Sooji / rava / semolina-1 cup
  2. Thinly chopped onion-1 small
  3. Thinly chopped ginger-1 tbsp
  4. Thinly chopped curry leaves-1 tbsp
  5. Thinly chopped green chilli-2 tsp
  6. Thinly chopped carrot-2 tbsp
  7. Salt-to taste
  8. Thick curd-3/4 cup
  9. Baking soda- 1/4 tsp
  10. Oil-for deep frying.
  • In mixing bowl, add semolina followed by onion, ginger, green chilli, curry leaves, carrot and salt.
  • Add thick curd and mix well.
  • Add little water to make a smooth dough consistency.
  • Rest it for 10 minutes
  • After that add baking soda and mix well.
  • Heat oil a frying pan. Grease your palm with water and vada shapes with the dough.
  • Drop them in to hot oil one by one and fry until nice golden in colour.
  • Drain in to paper towels to absorb excess oil.
  • Serve hot with chutney and a cup of tea!!!
Check out the video of making Sooji Vada to ease your cooking๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿ‘‡

semolina dough nut
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