Gobi 65 with Gravy

Gobi 65 with wet Gravy
Everyone loves the crispy fried florets. This is one of the quickest snack appetizer that we can make with cauliflower. No more marinating  time is needed and hence make within time. it can be eaten, as a snack and as a side dish also. Always fry it in the deep fry mode; if the oil is less, then cauliflower absorbs all the oil and it becomes very oily and soften. I already added the recipe of dry gobi 65 in my blog. Do check it out. Here is the recipe of making easy and delicious gravy type Gobi 65.
  1. Cauliflower-1 medium
  2. Salt-to taste
  3. Pepper powder-1tsp
  4. Kashmiri Red chilly powder- 1 tbsp
  5. Flour (Maida)-1tbsp
  6. Corn flour-3 tbsp
  7. Finely chopped coriander leaves-1tbsp
  8. Oil-for deep frying
  9. Thinly chopped ginger-1 tsp
  10. Thinly chopped garlic-1 tsp
  11. Thinly chopped green chilli-1 tsp
  12. Onions chopped finely-1large
  13. Curry leaves-1 spring
  14. Kashmiri chilly powder-1 tsp
  15. Salt-to taste
  16. Thick curd- 1/2 cup
  • Soak the petals  of cauliflower in warm water with little turmeric powder for 15 minute.
  • Drain it and keep aside.
  • In a bowl mix 2-7 ingredients and add little water in to it to make a thick paste.
  • Add the cauliflower in to it and rest for 10 minutes.
  • Deep fry it in the hot oil until crispy and golden brown.
  • Put it in to the paper towels and keep aside.
  • Heat a pan with 1 1/2 tbsp of oil; add thinly chopped ginger, garlic and green chilly.
  • Saute for two minutes and add slice onions; saute well until nice golden in color.
  • Add curry leaves, kashmiri chilly powder and salt.
  • Mix well and add thick curd.
  • Cook it for about few minutes until the mixture gets dried.
  • Add fried cauliflower pieces and mix well.
  • Serve soon and enjoy the great taste.
Gobi 65 dry
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