Dum Fish Masala

Dum fish masala is a type of fried fish coated with thick onion gravy ,which is suitable for layering with rice and can be served as Biriyani. You can also serve them in side with roti or any plain rice. i used to serve it along with ghee rice and it tastes absolutely delicious.
Ingredients For Marination:
  1. Fish pieces-1 kg (any large fish)
  2. Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp
  3. Chilly poder-1 tbsp
  4. Ginger garlic paste-1 tbsp
  5. Salt-to taste
  6. Vinegar-1 tbsp
  7. Oil-for shallow frying
Other Ingredients:
  1. Onion-4 medium
  2. Tomato-2 large
  3. Crushed Ginger-1 tbsp
  4. Crushed Garlic-1 tbsp
  5. Crushed green chilly-1 tbsp
  6. Turmeric powder- 1/2 tsp
  7. Kashmiri Chilly powder-1 tbsp
  8. Coriander powder-1 tbsp
  9. Garam masala powder-1 tsp
  10. Salt-to taste
  11. Thick curd-2 tbsp
  12. Coriander leaves chopped-one handful
  13. Mint leaves chopped-one handful
  14. Fried onion-1(to garnish)
  15. Fried cashews and raisins-to garnish
  • Marinate the cleaned fish pieces with ingredients under marinating and let them rest for half an our in fridge.
  • After that shallow fry them in hot oil until nicely golden and cooked. Don't over fry as they turn hard. (You can first fry the onion, cashew and raisins in this oil, take them out and then fry the fish pieces).
  • In the remaining oil; add thinly chopped onions and saute them well until golden in color. Add crushed ginger, garlic and green chilly; saute for a minute until the raw smell goes off.
  • Add all the powders one by one in low flame and mix well.
  • Add thinly chopped tomatoes and saute until mashed well.
  • Add thick curd, half of coriander and mint leaves. 
  • At this stage add fried fish pieces in to it and give a nice mix; so that the fish pieces are fully coated in the onion masala.
  • Sprinkle fried onion, remaining half of mint and coriander leaves on top along with fried cashews and raisins.
  • Cover the lid of the pan and slow cook them for about 10 minutes.
  • Switch off the flame and serve hot by topping it with ghee rice..
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