Strawberry Cheesecake

The creamy strawberry cheesecake is perfect for any special occasion. The two layer cake made with pureed strawberries giving an intense flavor. Here is an  amazing and no-bake strawberry cheese cake recipe and it is of course one of the great gathering treat. 
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Ingredients for the base:
  1. Digestive biscuits-250 gm
  2. Butter melted-100 gm
Ingredients for the Cheesecake filling:
  1. Cream cheese-500 gm
  2. Whipping cream-200 gm
  3. Caster Sugar-100 gm
  4. Pureed Strawberry-2 tbsp
  5. Lemon juice-1 tbsp
  6. Gelatin (unflavored)-10 gm
Ingredients For Topping:
  1. Strawberry (fresh or frozen)-1 1/2 cup
  2. Sugar-1 cup
  3. Water-1/4 cup
  4. Lemon juice-1 tsp
  • In a large bowl (or use blender) crumble the digestive biscuits to fine powder; add melted butter in to it and mix well.
  • Grease a spring form cake tin with butter.
  • Add the biscuit mix in to baking pan and press firmly.
  • Keep it in fridge until the filling gets ready.
  • Beat whip cream in a chilled bowl until smooth and stiff. 
  • In another bowl; Beat cream cheese and sugar  until creamy and fluffy.
  • Fold it with the whip cream.
  • Heat lemon juice and strawberry puree in a pan along with 2 tbsp of water.
  • Switch off the flame before boiling; add gelatin in to it and mix well. Allow to cool the mixture completely (must cools down before adding to cream mix).
  • Add it in to the cream mix and fold once again.
  • Pour this over the chilled base and allow to refrigerate for another 2 hours.
  • For the topping; boil sugar and water in a pan until thickens (one string consistency).
  • Then add mashed strawberries, lemon juice; mix well until thickens and switch off the flame. You must allow to cool completely the mix before topping on the cheese cake (otherwise the cheese starts melting; when you add the warm mix on top; or refrigerate the strawberry filling for 15 minutes to make sure that it is cooled).
  • Pour on top of the cheese cake evenly and return to fridge for another 4 hours to set completely or chill over night.
  • Gently run a sharp knife around the edges of cheesecake to loosen before unlocking the spring form pan.
  • Garnish it with fresh strawberries on top and serve chilled!!!
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