Black Forest Cake in Pressure Cooker

Making a perfect cake in a pressure cooker is a simple task. All we have to take care is few things. The cake pan comfortably sit inside the cooker, The low temperature, good cake batter and timing. Then you will get a nice and spongy cake same as that of the oven.

  1. Flour- 1 1/2 cup
  2. Cocoa powder- 3/4 cup
  3. Eggs-4 large
  4. Baking powder-1 tsp
  5. Baking soda- 1/4 tsp
  6. Butter softened-100 gm
  7. Powdered Sugar-1 cup
  8. Milk- 3/4  cup
  9. Vanilla essence-1 tsp
Other Ingredients for garnishing:
  1. Sugar syrup-1/2 cup
  2. Whipping cream-1 pint
  3. Icing sugar-1/2 cup
  4. Vanilla essence- 1/2 tsp
  5. Chocolate shavings-o garnish
  6. Cherries-to garnish

  • Before making cake; Make sure that all the ingredients ( the eggs, butter and milk) are at room temperature .
  • Keep ready the pressure cooker; remove its whistle and rubber gasket.
  • Pat it dry with a towel.
  • Add a  packet of salt on the pressure cooker. Above that put a stand and put a greased baking tray on top of the stand. (grease the tray with butter and dust flour).
  • Heat the cooker on low flame just before start beating. (to get pre-heated).
  • Sift the flour, baking powder, baking soda and cocoa powder together in a bowl for three times. 
  • In a large mixing bowl add butter softened and powdered sugar, beat it well using an electric beater until creamy and light.
  • Add eggs one by one by mixing in 30 seconds of intervals, 
  • Add vanilla essence.
  • Now add the flour and milk alternatively by folding (mixing) with a ladle ( start with adding milk and ends up the mixing by adding flour  (in two or three additions)). 
  • Add the mixture quickly in to the greased baking tray.
  • Cover the lid and cooks on low flame for about 40 minutes or until a tooth pick is inserted in its center and check whether it comes out clean.
  • Remold the cake only after cools down completely.
  • Carefully cut the cake in to 3 equal circles.
  • Now add sugar syrup evenly on top of each pieces. let it rest for 15 minutes to absorb all the syrup.
  • Beat whipping cream with icing sugar and vanilla essence until fluffy and creamy (in a chilled bowl).
  • Refrigerate the cream for one hour in fridge before applying on cake.
  • In the icing tray add a tablespoon of cream.
  • Put a layer of cake on top, add some pieces of cherry on top and apply cream evenly on top.
  • Above that add another layer of cake; Repeat the process and lastly apply the remaining cream evenly all over the cake.
  • Refrigerate the cake for 45 minutes for further garnishing.
  • After that garnish on sides of the cake by carefully spreading cake crumbs or chocolate shavings (or by mixing two).
  • Garnish on top with whip cream; chocolate shavings and cherries.
  • Refrigerate the cake for three hours to set.
  • Slice it and enjoy!!!!

I used to make two cakes by dividing the above ingredients (and cut each cake in to two; use three layers for making and crumb the other one and used for garnishing on sides of cake.).  You can Bake in this way or make a large cake depends on the size of your baking tray.

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