Sweet Sandwich

An easy and quick sandwich recipe for kids snack box !!!
  1. Bread-3 large slices
  2. Banana-1
  3. Sugar-1 1/2 tbsp+ 1/4 tsp water
  4. Cheese slice-1
  5. Mixed Fruit Jam-1 tbsp
  6. Butter-2 tbsp
  • Chop the banana in to round pieces.
  • Heat a tawa, when it is hot add sugar; it starts caramelizing.
  • When it turns brown in color, add 1/4 tsp of hot water and banana pieces.
  • Saute the bananas in caramel syrup well for a minute and switch off the flame.
  • Now take a slice of bread and add the caramelized banana pieces on top.
  • Cover it with another slice of bread.
  • Top it with a cheese slice and strawberry jam.
  • Cover it with another slice of bread. (Press the sandwich lightly to fit).
  • Heat a tablespoon of butter in  a pan; toast the bread until nice golden.
  • Flip to another side and toast by adding  a tablespoon of butter again.
  • Cut in to pieces and serve quickly as warm.
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