Amritsari Butter Chicken

An authentic Punjabi chicken dish having mildly spiced with delicious creamy gravy!!
Ingredients For Marination:
  1. Chicken boneless pieces- 1/2 kg
  2. Ginger garlic paste-1 tbsp
  3. Kashmiri chilly powder-2 tbsp
  4. Coriander powder-2 tbsp
  5. Cumin powder-1 tsp
  6. Garam masala powder- 1 tsp
  7. Salt-to taste
  8. Thick curd-2 tbsp
  9. Lemon juice-1 tbsp
  10. Vinegar-1 tsp
  11. Onion thinly chopped- 1 large
Other Ingredients:
  1. Butter- 2 tbsp + 1 1/2 tbsp
  2. Thinly chopped ginger-1 tbsp
  3. Green chilly chopped-1 tbsp
  4. Tomato puree-2 cup (puree of 5 large tomatoes)
  5. Garam masala powder- 1/2 tsp
  6. Fresh cream- 1/2 cup
  7. Kasoori methi-1 tbsp
  8. Salt-little
  9. Butter-to garnish
  10. Green chilly chopped-to garnish
  11. Fresh cream-to garnish
  12. Coriander leaves-to garnish
  • Marinate the chicken pieces with ingredients under marination for about 2-3 hours in fridge.
  • After that heat a pan with 2 tbsp s of butter, add the marinated chicken pieces.
  • Cover cooks it for about 15 minutes (stir occasionally) until half done.
  • Keep it aside.
  • Heat pan with another 1  1/2 tbsp s of butter.
  • Add ginger chopped and green chilly.
  • Add tomato puree, and cook for five minutes.
  • Add the cooked chicken pieces and cover cooks for another 10 minutes. (Add less than 1/4 cup of hot water along with it if need more gravy)
  • Open the lid and add fresh cream, garam masala powder; mix well. check for salt. 
  • Add kasoori methi crushed and switch off the flame.
  • Add in to serving bowl and garnish on top with butter, fresh cream, chopped green chillies and coriander leaves.
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