Mango Oreo Smoothie

Smoothies are wonderful zip for cooling our body. Here is a nice combo of Mango and Oreo which really pair well. Kids will surely love this creamy mango smoothie layered with Oreo.
  1. Mango Chopped-2 cup
  2. Oreo biscuit-10 nos
  3. Frozen milk solids- 1cup (frozen milk)
  4. Vanilla Ice Cream-2 tbsp
  • Remove the cream part from the Oreo biscuits and powder the black biscuits in to fine powder using a blender. Keep aside.
  • Now blend mangoes by adding milk solids, cream of oreo biscuits and vanilla ice cream.
  • Take the serving bowls and first add tablespoon of biscuit powder, then top it with little mango smoothie and continue the layering until mango smoothie and biscuit powder gets finished.
  • Serve soon and enjoy!!!
Mango Oreo Smoothie Mango Oreo Smoothie Reviewed by fejnaem on 02:57 Rating: 5

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