Crispy Wrapped Prawns

The lightly marinated prawns are wrapped with spring roll  sheet and deep frying results amazing crispy wrapped prawns. Enjoy these lovely prawns as an appetizer, snack or even as a side dish.
  1. Prawns large- 6 nos
  2. lemon juice-1 tsp
  3. pepper powder- 1/2 tsp
  4. salt-to taste
  5. chilly powder- 1/2 tsp 
  6. potato pieces long- 6 nos 
  7. spring roll sheet (square)- 3 sheets
  • Clean the prawns and don't cut its tail and head.
  • Marinate the prawns with lemon juice, pepper powder, chilly powder and salt.
  • Refrigerate for one hour.
  • Cut the spring roll pastry diagonally. (two pieces; take each one for rolling a prawn.)
  • Take the potato pieces as the same length of prawns (it is used to starighten the prawns while frying; other wise the prawn curls)
  • Now take  a piece of spring roll sheet.
  • Put the marinated prawn along with a piece of potato at the sheet and carefull roll it tightly and stick the edges with little water or flour paste. (flour mix with little water for sticking).
  • Prepare all the six wrapped prawns in this way and deep fry it in hot oil. (After adding the prawns in to hot oil; make the flame in to very low and fry it until nice golden in color; other wise the prawns didn't get cooked.)
  • Drain in to paper towels and serve hot..
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