Raw Mango Juice / Aam Ka Panna

Raw mango juice is a perfect drink to beat the summer with a cool punch.
Servings-4 glass
  1. Raw mango- 1 medium
  2. lemon juice-1 tbsp
  3. Sugar-3 tbsp
  4. Ice  cubes-few
  5. Lemon wedges-to garnish
  6. Salt- a pinch
  7. Water-2 cups + 1 cup
  8. Mint leaves- few (optional)
  • Wash the mango and cover cooks it with 1 cup of water until soft (about10-15 minutes).
  • Allow to cools down completely and carefully remove its skin.
  • Discard its seed and take the pulp only.
  • Blend it along with lemon juice, sugar, mint leaves, cooked water and 2 cups of more chilled water.
  • Add in to serving glasses and add few ice cubes in each glass.
  • Garnish with lemon wedges on top serve chilled... :)
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