Classic Ice Tea

A classic tea is simple refreshing beverage for the hot sunny days.  Control the amount of honey used here according to your taste. And you can also replace it with powdered sugar.

Serves-4 person
  1. Tea bags-4 nos
  2. Boiling water-2 cups
  3. Cold water- ¾ cup
  4. Honey- 4 tbsp
  5. Lemon juice- ½ tsp
  6. Ice cube-4 nos
  •  In a tea pot or heat proof pan add 4 tea bags and two cups of boiling water.
  • Let it rest for 6 minutes. And allow cooling.
  • After that; add cold water, ice cubes, lemon juice and honey.
  • Give a good mix and add in to serving glasses.
  • Serve soon and enjoy the great tea J
Note: You can add springs of mint leaves if you wish to..
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