Coloured Paratha / Carrot-Beetroot Paratha

Coloured paratha or carrot- beetroot paratha is a healthy, tasty and eye-stunning paratha preparation. These paratha's are definitely a good option for kids. You can also use palak to get a green color.
  1. Wheat flour 2cups
  2. Carrot grated-1cup
  3. Beetroot grated-1cup
  4. Salt-to taste
  5. Water
  • Cook grated carrots with little water and salt until cooked and all the water gets absorbed.
  • Allow it to cools down completely.
  • Add it in to a blender and make a fine puree out of it without adding water.
  • Add a cup of a wheat flouri a Bowl, add the carrot puree in to it and make a smooth dough out of it. Keep it covered until prepares the another dough.
  • in the same way, cook beetroots in a pan by adding litre water and sal.
  • Cook for few minute until all the water dries out.
  • After cools down, make a fine puree out of it.
  • Add another cup of wheat flour in a bowl and mix it with beetroot puree.
  • Make a smooth puree out of it.( add more flour or water if necessary).
  • Now take a small portion from carrot paratha dough and also from beetroot paratha dough; join together and roll it in to a thin circle by dusting flour on a rolling board.
  • Cook it on tawa like normal paratha until both sides cooked.
  • Serve hot with the choice of your favourite curry, raitha or pickle.
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