Dates and Tamarind Sauce

Dates and tamarind sauce is an absolutely delicious dip that can be served along with any of your meal. It has a well balanced sweet, tangy and sour taste. Here is the simple recipe preparation:
  1. Dates- 15 nos
  2. Tamarind- two lemon sized balls
  3. Ginger-1 small pieces
  4. Cumin powder- ½ tsp
  5. Salt-to taste
  6. Chilly powder- 1tsp
  • Remove the seeds of tamarind and dates.
  • Cook tamarind and dates in a pan along with ¼ cup of water and ginger piece  for 7-8 minutes until cooked well and become tender soft.
  • Remove the ginger piece from it (avoid).
  • Switch off the flame and allows to cool down completely.
  • Pour in to a blender and make a fine puree out of it.
  • After that add,  chilly powder, cumin powder and salt in to it.
  • Heat for another 3 minutes and stir well. (Add more hot water if desired to reach the thick sauce consistency.)
  • After cools down; store it in a container for long use.
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