Chicken Salad

Chicken salad is a delicious but healthy choice. A really great way to consume your favorite chicken bites along with the nutritious veggies. This chicken salad can be used as a filling for shawarma and sandwiches.
  1. Boneless chicken cubes-1 cup
  2. Soya sauce-1tsp
  3. Pepper powder-1tsp
  4. Garam masala powder- ½ tsp
  5. Salt-to taste
  6. Cucumber-1
  7. Carrot- 1 small
  8. Baby tomato-1
  9. Cilantro leaves-few
  10. Cabbage chopped
  11. Lemon juice
  12. Pepper powder
  13. Salt
  • Marinate the chicken cubes with soya sauce, pepper powder, garam masala and salt.
  • Fry it until cooked nicely and soft.
  • Mix it with all other vegetables chopped.
  • Sprinkle pepper powder, lemon juice and salt on top.
  • Serve soon and enjoy!!!
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