Tamarind Pickle

Tamarind pickle is an easy and tasty finger licking pickle. It is served along with quick rice preparations. Everyone loves its  sweet, tangy and spicy taste.

  1. Tamarind ripe- ½ cup
  2. Mustard seeds-1tsp
  3. Curry leaves-1string
  4. Chopped ginger-1tsp
  5. Chopped garlic-1tsp
  6. fenugreek seeds- ¼ tsp
  7. Jaggery grated-1tbsp
  8. Asafetida / hing- a pinch
  9. Kashmiri chilly powder- 2tbsp
  10. Coconut oil-1tbsp
  11. Salt-to taste
  • Soak the tamarind in ½ cup hot water for 15 mints.
  • Remove the seeds and extract the pulp along with the hot water.
  • Keep it aside.
  • Heat oil in pan and splutter mustard seeds.
  • Add fenugreek  seeds, curry leaves, ginger and garlic.
  • Add chilly powder, hing and salt.
  • Add tamarind extract along with grated jaggery.
  • Boil for few 5-6 minutes or until it reaches the thick consistency.
  • Store in an airtight container for long use
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