Ottada is one of the breakfast menu in Kerala; specially in Malabar region. It has full of holes in its surface and hence the name Ottada. Every one loves to eat this by dipping in the sweetened coconut milk. Usually a clay pot is used for making this; else use a non-stick pan with lid. Here is the recipe of smooth and yummy Ottada.
  1. Maida-1cup
  2. Rice flour-1cup
  3. Egg-1
  4. Thick coconut milk-1cup (or water)
  5. Baking soda- a pinch (optional)
  6. salt-to taste.
  • Sift rice flour, maida, salt and baking soda together.
  • Add egg and coconut milk (little by little) in to it.
  • Mix the batter very well without foaming any lumps.
  • The batter should be thicker than dosa batter but lighter than idli batter;Add water to adjust the consistency.
  • Let it rest for 5-10 minutes.
  • Grease the hot pan/ clay pot with little oil; pour a ladle of batter in to it.
  • No need to stir the pan (at the time of pouring batter the flame should be high).
  • Close the lid and reduce the flame to low.
  • Cover it and cook it until forming holes in the surface and get leaving from the pan (the bottom gets golden in color and the top part cooked).
  • No need to flip in to the other side.
  • You can serve it with sweetened coconut milk, honey or cow ghee.
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