Homemade Burger

Homemade Burger is not at all a difficult task. It can be easily make at home. Theses homemade burgers are much more healthier than the store bought and do dry it.

Ingredients for The Chicken Patties:
  1. Boneless chicken-250gm
  2. Bread slices powdered-2
  3. Onion chopped thinly-1
  4. Ginger garlic paste-1tbsp
  5. Soya sauce-1tbsp
  6. Pepper powder-1tsp
  7. Salt-to taste
  • Cut the chicken pieces in to very thin pieces and put it in a blender to crush very very well.
  • Mix it with all other ingredients and set aside for 20 minutes.
  • Make it in to 6 large balls.
  • Make large disc shapes (by pressing inside a bottle cap)out of it.
  • For the Coating of Patties:
  • Beat one egg with little salt and pepper
  • Bread crumbs-1cup
  • Preparation:
  • Dip the chicken circles in to egg and then bread crumbs
  • Shallow fry it in hot oil until both sides are golden brown in colour.
For the  Burger  Assembling:
  1. Burger buns-6
  2. Onion chopped-6round pieces
  3. Tomato chopped-6 round pieces
  4. Capsicum chopped-6 round pieces
  5. Tomato ketchup-6tbsp
  6. Mayonnaise- 6tbsp
  7. Cheese slice-6nos (optional) 
  8. Lettuce leaves-few(optional)
  • Cut the buns in to equal half's.
  • Take one part and apply a tablespoon of ketchup.
  • Above that put an onion ring, tomato piece, a piece of capsicum.
  • Above that put the cheese layer.
  • Cover it with the another bun half by topping it with a tbsp of mayonnaise on top of it.
  • Microwave the burger for 30 seconds and serve hot.
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