Caramel Orange Pudding

Orange caramel pudding is a no failure dessert. The caramel sinks underneath the pudding and slow cooks it make successful pudding texture. It tastes the flavour of orange together with the flavour of caramel. Only few ingredients are required and it is very easy to make. If you are replacing the orange juice and orange zest with milk and vanilla essence, then you will get the custard Carmel pudding. Steamer is used to cook the pudding.Here is the recipe of quick and easy classic creamy orange caramel pudding.

  1. Egg-3
  2. Milk-1cup
  3. Orange juice-1/2cup
  4. Orange zest-1tbsp
  5. Sugar powdered-1/2cup
  6. Butter-2tsp
  7. Maida/all purpose flour-3tsp
  8. Sugar-2tsp
  • Spread 2tsp of sugar in the cooking pudding pan and switch on the flame to high.
  • In about a minute or two the sugar will start browning..turn the fire suddenly in to low and when it reaches a dark brown in color, switch off the flame.
  • Swirl the pan quickly to reach the caramel everywhere.
  • Keep it aside.
  • Blend sugar, egg yolks and butter together until creamy.
  • Add orange zest, maida, milk and orange juice.
  • Combine well until fully incorporated.
  • Beat egg whites in a separte bowl until fluffy.
  • Fold it in to the above egg yolk mixture with a metal spoon.
  • Pour it in to the prepared caramel bowl.
  • In the steamer or pressure cooker pour a cup of water.
  • Put a rack on the pan and place the pudding pan above it.
  • Cover the pan and steamer also.
  • Slow cook it for about 20-30 minutes or until the pudding gets the desired consistency.
  • Allow it to cools down completely before remolding.
  • Refigerate for 4hours to set.
  • Yummy silky smooth caramel custard is now ready to serve.
    note: you can substitute the maida used here by milk powder.
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