Stuffed Chicken With Gravy / Kozhi Nirachathu

Stuffed chicken with gravy is one of the Malabar specialties. It is cooked without an oven and the thing you need is a non-stick big pot. No need of much more efforts to make and of course; it is one of the menu for special occasions. One  method of stuffing is; directly fry the stuffed chicken and put it in to the gravy. One another method is; place the stuffed chicken in pressure cooker without adding any water and cook it for 2high whistles. After that; is poured in to the gravy and cook for few minutes to tie up with the masala.

Read the above paragraph fully.
For Marinating:
  1. Chicken-1small
  2. Turmeric powder-1tsp
  3. Chilly powder-3tsp
  4. Salt-to taste
  5. Lemon juice-of 1 lime
  6. Pepper powder-1tsp
  7. Garam masala-1/2 tsp
For Stuffing:
  1. Boiled eggs-2
  2. Oil-4tbsp
  3. Cashew nuts chopped-2tbsp
  4. Onion-5 no
  5. Tomato-2 no
  6. Ginger garlic paste-2tbsp
  7. Green chilly-2
  8. Curry leves-2string
  9. Coriander leaves-2tbsp
  10. Salt-to taste
  11. Coriander powder-1tsp
  12. Garam masala-1/2 tsp
  • Wash and clean the chicken; cutout the extra fats (drain it completely for few minutes.).
  • Make small slits on the chicken to absorb all the masala.
  • Marinate with the above marinating ingredients and keep refrigerate for 4 hours.
  • For the gravy; heat oil in a pan in a large pan (enough space to cover the chicken).
  •  Add chopped cashew nut and roast for a minute.
  • Add onion; Sauté onion till transparent.
  • Add ginger garlic paste, curry leaves and green chilly; sauté until raw smell goes off.
  • Add salt, and coriander leaves.
  • Take half portion of the gravy and stuff it inside the chicken along with two boiled eggs.
  • Tie the chicken legs in opposite direction to close the hole (you can also sew it with a long thread and needle; remove it after finished cooking).
  • In the remaining gravy add turmeric powder, coriander powder and garam masala.
  • Add chopped tomatoes and sauté well until all the tomatoes are cooked well and disappears in the gravy.
  • Add ¼ cup of hot water in to it; when it starts boiling; add the marinated stuffed chicken in to it.
  • Cover the lid and cook in low flame for about 30-35 minutes (open the lid in each 10 minutes and flip the four sides.).
  • At last open the lid and dried out all the water to get thick gravy.
  • Serve hot with ghee rice or roti.
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