Easy Sandwich / Rainbow Sandwich

Slices of pretty sandwiches are great for a get together. Its a perfect tea time snack also. There are many different ideas for fillings and spreads according to our taste. Here its a most simplest menu..
  1. Bread slices-4
  2. Tomato ketchup-1tbsp
  3. Mayonnaise-1tbsp
  4. Mint chutney-1tbsp
  5. Onion slices-3
  6. Tomato slices-3
  7. Cucumber slices-3
  8. Butter-1tbsp
  9. Egg-1
  10. Salt-to taste

  • Put another piece of bread on top of it, apply mayonnaise and cucumber pieces.

  • Put the third piece of bread on top of it; apply tomato ketchup and onion pieces on top of it.

  • Cover it with the last piece of bread.
  • Press tightly to join well.

  • Beat egg with salt in a plate.
  • Heat butter on a pan.
  • Dip one side of the sandwich in egg and toast it till golden brown in color.

  • In this way dip each 6 (4edges, top and bottom) sides on egg and toast.

  • Cut in to pieces and serve hot.
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