How to Prepare Mushroom Spinach Lasagna in Home for kids

This is a very simple dish and you can prepare very easily in your home. The main ingredients of this dish is Mushroom and Spinach. This is lasagna preparation filled with mushrooms and spinach. This is Vegetarian dish and this is very good for kids and Diabetics.


·       Mushroom 250 Gram
·       25 gm of Fresh Spinach
·       Butter 250 Ml
·       Tomatoes 4 nos ( Medium size)
·       Refined wheat flour or maida 25 gm
·       Milk ½ cup
·       Powdered nutmeg one pinch
·       Paper powder depends your taste
·       2 spoon of olive oil
·       Garlic nos
·       Salt to taste
·       3 gm of celery
·       3 gm of leeks
·       5 gram of basil
·       2 pasta sheets
·       25 gm of parmesan cheese
·       Olive Oil 6 table spoon

Preparation for Mushroom Sauce


·       Mushrooms are well chopped and keep mushrooms a side.
·       boil 1/2 litter water and put the spinach into hot water and suddenly remove the spinach and put in a cold water.
·       Cut the spinach leaves into small pieces and keep aside.
·       take a bowl and pour some butter and add the wheat flour into it.
.       When the what flour fried take out the vessel from the fire and pour little by little milk into it. keep the mixture stirring continuously and finally it becomes a smooth paste.
·       Now put a vessel on the fire once again and stir until it thickens well.
·       Spread with nutmeg powder, pepper and salt and remove from the flame. This is the white sauce.
·       Heat three tbsp of olive oil; add the garlic, celery and leeks and sauté well.
Add the mushrooms to this and sauté for one minute. When it is well sautéed, add the white sauce and mix well.
·       Remove the vessel from the fire and keep aside.  

Preparation for tomato concasse.

Step II

·       Place the frying pan again on the flame, and heat three tbsp of olive oil.
·       Add the garlic, celery and leeks and stir well again.
·       Add the tomatoes, and season with salt and pepper, as required.
·       Put in the basil leaves and sauté again.
·       Remove the pan from the fire and keep aside. This is the tomato concasse.

Step III

·       Put a small vessel and boil water and place the pasta sheets into it.
.       Cook for 5-7 minutes and then put the pasta sheets in cold water.
·       Preheat the oven to 180 °C.
·       Paste a square mold with olive oil.
·       Pour a little tomato concasse into it.
·       Place the pasta sheets over it. 
·       Pour the prepared mushroom sauce over the pasta sheets.
·       Sprinkle a few chopped spinach leaves as the next layer.
·       Spread some grated cheese over it and then place the second pasta sheet.
        The tomato concasse is carefully poured over it, followed by the spinach    and cheese layers.
·       Next place the third pasta sheet and sprinkle cheese over it, to garnish.
·       Place it in the preheated oven and bake till done

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