Fish Curry (in coconut milk)


       fish-5 piece (cubed size)
       coconut milk-1/2 coconut
       turmeric powder-1/2 tsp.
       chilly powder-1tsp
        ginger-1small piece
        green chilly-1
        tomato-1medium(cut in to 4 piece)
        tamrind-1/2 lemon size
        curry leaves
        salt-to taste

        coconut oil

        1.blend coconut with enough water
        2. In a pan mix coconut milk with turmeric, chilly, salt, green chilly                      ,tomato and  curry leaves
        3.when it starts boiling stir well to avoid coconut milk separation
        4.add tamarind juice to it
        5.when boiling add fish pieces and stir well
        6.after 5 mints switch off the flame
        7.season it with shallots fried in coconut oil.

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