Easy Biscuit Pudding Recipe

Biscuit Pudding
  1.      Thick cream-2pack(250ml)
  2.      Biscuit-2pack 250gm(any plane biscuit such as ulker petit , Marie, glucose)
  3.      Crushed sugar-1cup
  4.      Chocolate sauce / syrup-3tbsp
  5.      Milk- 1/2 cup
  6.      Badam, pista slices to garnish
  7.      Corn flakes-to garnish 
  •     Beat the thick cream with a spoon by adding enough crushed sugar.
  •     when it dissolves fully add chocolate sauce in to it as per our chocolaty consistency and mix well.
  •     In a squared pudding plate place the biscuits after just dipping it in the milk as a layer.
  •     pour a part of  above cream mixture on it.
  •     put another layer of biscuits and pour the sauce over it
  •    don't forget to just dip the biscuits in milk.
  •    such a way make four or five layer of biscuit and cream.
  •    at the top garnish with nuts slices.
  •    roast corn flakes with a spoon of sugar and crush it and spread it over the pudding.
  •    refrigerate at least six hours and serve cool !!!!
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